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Higher Education Enhancement Project Fund (HEEPF) is part of the loan agreement between Egypt and IBRD to support and finance priority areas of the strategic plan of the Higher Education Enhancement Project (HEEP) - loan number 4658 EGT, dated April 2002.

General Objective

The general objective of the HEEPF is to support improvements in the quality, relevance, and efficiency of higher education at Egyptian public universities and Higher Education Institutions (HEI).

The fund support activities that enhance teaching and learning, including academic programs and curricula.


Project title


Project Acronym:


Introducing Computer- Assisted Training Sessions in the Clinical Skills Lab




Specific Objectives of the Project:

  • Development of standardized audiovisual aids for the clinical skills lab

  • Finalization of the educational computer-assisted materials,

  • Implementation of the new teaching methodology on one batch of students

  • Evaluation of the program outcome and impact on students’ learning


  • Production of audio-video films for the different skills which are relevant, standardized, and serve as working material

  • Production of computer-generated multimedia programs which are explanatory, interactive, and readily available at any time

  • Well-prepared educational setting fulfilling highly standardized criteria.

Data about the impact of the new method on the learning process which could lead to application of the new methods on all batches that lead to continuous improvement

Principal investigator


Co-principal investigator

Prof. Somaya Hosny, Vice Dean for Education, CRD Director, Chairman of histology department and founder of the skills lab

Dr. Mirilla Yousef, Coordinator of the skills lab and lecturer of Community Medicine


Project Members

Prof. Adel Meshreky

Dr. Hoida Ismail Abdel-Aziz

Dr. Abeer Abd El Rahman

Dr. Abeer Mostaza

Dr. Manal saiid

Dr. Gehan Heussin


This project aims at updating the teaching methodology which has been used in the clinical skills lab. The new method is computer assisted way of learning. The rationale for use of this way of learning is the increased number of students and the increased burden on specialists which led to the problems of; inability of the students to see clearly the steps of skills demonstration, no time to practice by themselves and no chance to receive feedback from their instructor. The project will be divided into four phases; the 1 st phase is the development of standardized audio visual aids for the clinical skills lab which are taught for year 1, 2 & 3, the 2 nd phase deals with the finalization of the educational computer assisted material for each skill. The 3 rd phase is the implementation of the new teaching methodology on a trial population ( one batch of students), and the 4 th phase is the evaluation of the program outcome and input on students’ learning. This computerized way of learning will promote student centered learning and makes the training standardized. It will also lead to better students’ performance, more interactive learning, easy access to information, better time management, less burden on the busy teachers and objective evaluation.



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