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Rules of the lab

Click here for the full year skill lab timetables

A) Rules for attendance:

  1. Attendance should be in time.

  2. Student should have their white coat and ID card.

  3. Students should have the checklists.

  4. Students should be ready with the background knowledge related to the day's skill before attending the skill lab. (Every group secretary should receive the handout related to the skill and distribute it to his/her group beforehand.

  5. No eating or drinking is allowed in the skill lab.

  6. Quiet environment should be maintained in the lab. No mobile phone usage during the sessions.

  7. Training room should be kept clean and everything kept in place.

  8. Manikins should be finely handled and kept clean. No writing on the manikins.

  9. Any malfunction in manikins or equipment should be immediately reported to lab coordinators or secretary of the lab.

  10. Students who desire more practice outside the schedule can set a time with the lab secretary.

  11. Students should regularly check the lab bulletin board and website for any announcements.

  12. For any encountered problems in the lab contact your student secretary coordinator who can discuss it with the lab coordinators in the regular meeting of the group secretaries.

B) Rules for using the computer assisted material:

  1. Computers are used only for viewing multimedia films.

  2. Any change in the system settings or configuration is prohibited.

  3. Students are not allowed to copy any of the provided material.

  4. Any breakage or damage in the hardware or software should be immediately rported to the skill lab coordinators or secretary.



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